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Designing a Distraction-Free Workplace

Jul 13, 2011 in Business/Finance. 0 Comment

In the modern corporate office there are so many distractions, it can be difficult to stay focused for more than a few minutes. Distractions in the workplace are a huge drain on worker productivity and morale. Here are several simple ways to cut down on workplace distractions and improve your team’s productivity. 


Adjust the thermostat

The right temperature is crucial to a distraction-free workplace. A recent Cornell University study found that adjusting the room temperature from 68 degrees to 77 degrees reduced errors by 44 percent, and increased productivity by 150 percent.


Beware the internet

Sixty percent of all work interruptions are caused by the Internet. Social networks are the biggest culprits, but checking personal email and online shopping are also emerging as popular work time distractions. Encourage teams and individuals to work away from their computers whenever possible, and enforce clear policies about unacceptable usage. 


Eliminate impromptu conversations

At most organizations, opportunities for workplace conversations arise all day, and many of these are not entirely productive. It is important for team members to socialize, but try to find ways in which they can continue doing so while working towards tangible goals. For instance, invite teams to talk about their recent sales experiences so they can learn from each other. On the other hand, when necessary, make sure you provide easy ways for your team members to isolate themselves from unplanned conversations. 


Invest in better chairs

One recent study found that switching employees to more ergonomic chairs increased their productivity by 17.8% the following year



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