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Fantasy Football Strategy in a Lockout Season

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Most experts believe the NFL lockout will end prior to the start of the regular season. However, it could have a huge impact on the fantasy football season. With the right moves, you can use the lockout to dominate your league this year. Here are several fantasy football strategies that make sense in a lockout year. 


Draft disciplined players

Some NFL players work out harder in the off-season than they do during the season. Others view the off-season as a vacation, and let themselves get fatter, slower, and weaker until the mandatory training camp rolls around. This year, normal training regimens are being disrupted, and the less-disciplined players may not get into game shape until several weeks into the season, while off-season overachievers will have a huge advantage. 


Avoid rookies like the plague

Rookies are always a bit of a gamble in fantasy football, but the lockout prohibits new draft picks from signing with the teams that drafted them. Contract negotiations with rookies are often contentious and stretch well into training camp even without this additional blackout on negotiations. This year, a lot of rookies may show up to camp late, or not show up at all. 


Look for returning units

In fantasy football, one of the keys to victory is finding the teams that have assembled key free agents and draft picks, and appear ready to take their play to the next level. This year, with a shortened free agency period and shortened off-season workouts, returning units will be at a huge advantage. Look for teams who have four or five returning linemen, or teams that have a go-to #1 receiver and a veteran quarterback who have had several season to gel. They will be at a huge advantage in the beginning of the season, and you can trade them above market value at mid-season for superior talent. 


Load up on power backs

Last year was the year of the power running back. Players like Mike Tolbert and Peyton Hillis brutalized defenses all year long and carried many fantasy teams into the fantasy playoffs. This year, look for the trend to accelerate, as NFL teams look to compensate for their line's reduced chemistry by favoring backs that are easy to block for, over finesse backs who generally require more sophisticated blocking packages. 



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